Enjoy Madame Margi from Manchester

       Enjoy six clips from the shortly to be released Madame Margi DVD. Clips are between 7 and 28 minutes long and can either be downloaded for repeated viewing or can be viewed online.  ATTENTION: to view clips online you need a highspeed connection like DSL. Modem users can only download any clip.

To view or download any clip is between $ 2.95 and $ 5.95 per clip, depending on length. Access to the download / view page is for 3 full days, once you have gained access for the first time. If you rather would like to obtain the DVD to enjoy Madame Margi in the best technical quality, email us. 

The Enslavement of Mr. Jones

Convicted of being a mean crook, Mr. Jones has to repay his debt to all womanhood. The court has sentenced him to service one of the finest woman arround for a full year. Madama Margi repeats the sentence to Mr. Jones, explaining in detail what to expect during his year of serving: like scrubbing the floor with a brush in his mouth, to eat the remainders of Madame Margi's plate after it being disposed in the toilette, inhaling her smoke when puffing a cigar, etc.

Length: 25:09 
Tribute: $ 4.95
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  The Transformation of Pupil Mike

Repeated peeping in the girl's toilette renders pupil Mike into deep trouble. Headmistress Margi has had it and penalizes him by transforming Mike into Marcia, a very painful process at the end of which Mike will find himself to be a girl.

Length: 20:18
Tribute: $ 4.95
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The Hitchhiker

Allways looking for new slaves to play with, Madame Margi catches the opportunity to lure a hitchhiker into becoming  her unwilling victim. Once under her power, slave Nigel has to endure cbt, waxing and many other unpleasenties to the delight and enjoyment of Madame Margi.

Length: 18:24
Tribute: $ 3.95
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Service of a Slave

Madame Margi needs the constant attention of slaves to service her every need of pleasurable feelings. This morning Madame is looking for human ashtrays, foot and boot service and an array of other commands in store to torment her  slave.

Length: 24:52
Tribute: $ 4.95
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  The Judicial

After being found guilty of masturbating in public, Madame Margi reads this slave his devastating sentence: 36 strokes by cane, no mercy, even if he faints. She will simply wait until he would recover and continue the ordeal.

Length: 7:47
Tribute: $ 2.95
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Travelling Domme Madame Margi cannot do without service while travelling. So, the porter boy will need to extend his services from carrying lagguage to additional tasks, like serving as foot bench, performing boot and body service, being used as horse and playing dogs, and off course to give Madame the enjoyment of whipping him severely.

Length: 28:05
Tribute: $ 5.95
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