Madame Margi from Greater Manchester, UK

For over 4 years now my gardener has never asked for any payment from me other than a pair of my soiled worn knickers. He always told me that if men worldwide could see and smell me they would all want to own a pair! Thinking of all these thoughts together and also being in a long term D S relationship with my "toy boy". I uploaded a small image of myself onto UK-Mistresses classified section with an advertisement offering email training, worn knickers, tights, stockings and personally signed photos. The next day I logged into my email address and had over 20 messages from submissive males.

This initial success made me turn professional. Now I have many regular clients. Most of my appointments are from 2 to 3 hours duration. I chat to my clients regularly. I ask their opinions after the session. I am still learning myself but I know that I am very successfull and will be even more so in the future. This is the best job I have ever had in my life believe me. I am into my role one hundred percent daily.

I am great at rope bondage and any role play. I enjoy breath play, queening, waxing, mild torture  and all punishments especially over knee spanking. Occasionally I do some water sports. My panties are genuinely wet with the arousal of my sessions. I love to tease and torment my clients. I am naturally dominant and have the looks and statuesque figure which attract submissives both male and female.

Sometimes I will allow relief but I never, ever perform hand relief. I can command a slave to masturbate in front of me and he must clean up his own mess. I never do anal play or penetration or training

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    Convicted of crimes against women Mr. Jones hears his sentence and we see how Madame Margi ensures this sentence is carried out to her advantage while keeping him as a prisoner in her own home.

length: 25:09
view online: $ 5.95    click HERE to view

Repeated peeping in the girl'S toilets renders pupil Mike into deep trouble. Headmistress Margi has had it and penalizes him by transforming Mike into Marcia, a very painful process at the end of which Mike will find himself to be a girl.

length: 20:18
view online: $ 4.95    click HERE to view

Always looking for new slaves to play with, Madame Margi catches the opportunity to lure a hitchhiker into becoming  her unwilling victim. Once under her power, slave Nigel has to endure cbt, waxing and many other unpleasantries  to the delight and enjoyment of Madame Margi.

length: 18:24
view online: $ 4.95    click HERE to view

Madame Margi needs the constant attention of slaves to service her every need of pleasurable feelings. This morning Madame requires a human ashtray, who will also worship her beautiful feet and boots. In return he must swallow the ash and inhale smoke from her cigarette. She will trample his naked body with her high heeled boots and of course punish him if his performance is unsatisfactory.

length: 24:52
view online: $ 5.95    click HERE to view

After being found guilty of masturbating in public, Madame Margi reads this slave his devastating sentence: 36 strokes by her Dragon cane, no mercy, no safe words, no warm up. Should he  faint, Madame Margi will simply wait until the culprit recovers to continue and finalize the sentence.

length: 7:47
view online: $ 2.95    click HERE to view

Travelling Domme Madame Margi cannot do without service while travelling. So, the porter boy will need to extend his services from carrying luggage to additional tasks. After giving him a maid's uniform, she detains him in her hotel room to use him as she pleases. As a foot stool and face cushion. She commands him to polish her thigh high boots and rides him like a pony and walks him around on a leash as a pet dog. Plus giving Madame the enjoyment of punishing him with her leather strap and crop.

length: 28:05
view online: $ 5.95    click HERE to view